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          Chinese fabric sellers start taking or~ders again in。 Keqiao, E.| Chinas Shaoxing[2020-08-24]
          2010 German; Grand P,rix - Globa~lTimes[2020-08-8]
          Douyin video app bann||;ed in Indonesia[2020-08-13]
          Teens show their passion for soccer on a~ beach in Dakar, Senegal[2020-08-30]
          Cutting-edge silicone printer on display, for “f,irst time at import expo[2020-08-24]
          ‘Vo|ice of China’ helps pave way for Xinjiang |music talent[2020-08-12]
          Farmers find new way to in,|crease income through eco-leisure agricu。lture in Chinas Anhui[2020-08-19]
          Chinese airc;raft carrier formation opens for public to| v,isit[2020-08-24]
          Mea“t imports| sur;ge to ease pressure from tight pork supply[2020-08-9]
          Intl Day。 of Persons with Disabi|lities marked in New Delhi, ;India[2020-08-25]
          J-10 fighter jets conduct unscripted a|ir comb~at exercise at nigh|t[2017-11-24]
          China extends| 144-hr “v“isa-free transit to 27 ports[2016-12-16]
          Ch“in|a, UN presidents hold talks[2015-2-31]
          Rodriguez shines as Mara|cana r“ocks to the boys in yello|w – Colombia[2016-2-14]
          Gl|obal Times - GM; files for bankruptcy protectio:n[2018-3-13]
          Six-month-ol,d baby receives motherly care after corona|virus infection[2019-9-11]
 to。 acq~uire Wanda, department stores in offline retail expansion[2015-4-15]
          Chinese doct“or wins hearts of Sou“th Sudanese |medics[2019-1-1]
          China win mens team competition of table te“nnis gold at Mil。itary World Games[2018-12-26]
          China protests :US p|rotectionism in steel[2015-3-4]
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