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          Bale can fi。ll Ronaldo boots at Real, says Ryan Gigg;s[2020-08-9]
          Global Times - Personal ~tragedy inspires ex-cops anti“-drug crusade[2020-08-10]
          Chinese hospitals discharge 892 recovered patients of ~co|ro;navirus infection[2020-08-5]
          Blame game n;o;t able to sav;e lives[2020-08-1]
          Waymo picks Detroit factor;y for, self-driving fleet, to be operational by mid-201;9[2020-08-23]
          First batch of passengers from Hubei P|rovince arrives in Beijing after lift。in:g of travel ban[2020-08-13]
          Limited pressure on neighbor。ing airports to accept div~erted arrivals from Beijing[2020-08-23]
          HK new counci||lors should help end rio。ts: ex-police chief[2020-08-17]
          Activism |against gender-;based violen;ce kicks off in Beijing[2020-08-2]
          Mazda claims key Ford “partnership “unchanged - GlobalTimes[2020-08-15]
          Major exhibition in Scotland explores amazing。 wor:ld of video |games[2016-6-19]
          Article on Qixi Festival highlights softer s。ide of p:resid:ent[2016-4-2]
          ~Speci:al assignment for Chinese Premier ahea|d of the Two Sessions[2016-6-24]
          China impor“t expo。 serves as window to enhance Egyptian economy: ambassado“r[2016-10-3]
          Tibet Airlines launches reg。。ular air route linking Lhasa and Nyingch。i[2015-8-31]
          Xi hopes C;hi|na, Russia to boost mil|itary ties[2018-9-14]
          More ‘middle-class’ CPC tries to recruit workers,: fa;rmers to stay true to origins[2019-10-8]
          ~Chi;nese badminton players win two gold medals at BWF Dubai Superseries Fina|ls[2015-8-18]
          Indias apex court gives dispu,|ted site to Hindus[2016-11-20]
          China’s“ H7N9 bird flu raises internatio;nal conc。erns[2019-1-12]
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