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          Reviews of Ford Focus i~n China - GlobalTime“s[2020-08-11]
          Ne“w spin-off of The Fast and the Furious tops Chinese ma:inland box office[2020-08-25]
          Taki。ng first step of f:oreign investment: “Chia Tai Conti[2020-08-18]
          W~oman co:mpensated for dentist’s| errors[2020-08-28]
          Shanghai Inter|nation|al Dance Center celebrates 3rd anniv|ersary[2020-08-15]
          Chinas Long March rockets complete 300 launch|es[2020-08-24]
          Yangpu dis“trict sets up innovation center in U。S[2020-08-19]
          Coronavirus hits ~aut:o sales, dem:and may recover in Q2: report[2020-08-1]
          Happier youth? Attitude changes~ in high school students of China, Japan, S。outh |Korea and US[2020-08-8]
          Upgrading to 6G| deeme:d too costly despite heated discussion[2020-08-3]
          Han Gengs latest| movie Knockout to release on streaming; site[2018-7-22]
          Time for Japan to ste。p up an。d act responsibly |in managing China ties[2017-4-23]
          996: A Driving Force of the Econom|ic Jou|rney[2019-2-6]
          Vietnam。 can hardl|y be ‘winner’ of trade ~war[2016-11-28]
          ,Japanese rocket drape|d in colorful manga art to attract attention of kids launches satellite into space[2016-11-4]
          Iraqi |authorities impose curfew in Baghdad amid ongoing p。“rotests[2019-7-13]
          England win crick;et Wor,ld Cup[2016-12-5]
          Chinas fight against coronavirus |buys world time, says Mexican exp|ert[2018-11-23]
          1| injured in Dama。scus explosio,n[2017-11-7]
          Global Destination Marketing Summi|t and World Culture and Tourism Forum open in Xi’an[2016-6-21]
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